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an americA loving republican running for Florida's 23RD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT.


Carla Spalding For Congress Florida 23rd District

about carla

I'm not a politician; I'm a proud, naturalized American who came to this country at 18 years old from Jamaica. I am a veteran, a college professor, a registered nurse, and a single working parent. I will stand for saving this country by getting out of endless wars, stopping illegal immigration and putting Americans first.


I'm a Pro-Trump Republican who is ready to give Broward County a voice in Congress and represent the American Dream.

Carla Spalding Us Veteran

What Carla Stands for

Putting America First
Now, Carla wants to go to Washington and serve as a Florida conservative voice in Congress.

Bring True Solutions for Mental Health and Drug Abuse
Stand up to Leftwing Socialists in Washington
Lower Medical and Dental Insurance Cost
Discover and Push a Solution to the Student Loan Crisis
End Illegal Immigration
Drive New Business into South Florida
Take Care of Our Veterans

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Why is Carla Running?

Carla came to this country with a Dream. America gave her everything, from an education to a career as a healthcare provider to a family. Carla has stated countless times that, "We must take care of those who have come before us. We must protect our elders." Those who know Carla well know that her mission has long been to advocate for mental health issues and to write/support laws that will benefit seniors and secure their health benefits.
Through both service an attitude many have commented that Carla shows her love for America.


Carla put it best when she said, "I love this country and when I see Democrat Socialists like Debbie Wasserman Schultz trying to destroy it, I feel I must defend it. I am a straight-talker. I want to focus on cutting taxes and bureaucracy, strengthening the military, supporting veterans and undoing the disastrous Obamacare that caused healthcare costs to skyrocket while making coverage much worse."

Carka Spalding Congressional Candidate Florida In 2020

Carla hasn't backed down from the Trump agenda. She has often commented that, "I came to this country legally—I don’t support illegal immigration and I vow to put an end to it. I strongly support President Donald Trump’s agenda to put American citizens first. I also stand with President Trump in stopping America’s involvement in endless war and in supporting American troops."

"I believe we are responsible for the preservation of this country. Together we can do this. I will always talk straight with Floridians and won’t back down to the Democrats in Congress. Americans will always come first and I stand with our President in trying to save this country."

Carla's district

Florida’s 23rd Congressional District is currently occupied by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was first elected in 2004 (in the 20th District). She is best known as the former chair of the Democratic National Committee who rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders to favor Hillary Clinton—she has resigned in disgrace from the DNC.

Floridas 23rd Congressional District Carla Spalding

Who Is Carla Spalding?

Carla Spalding embodies the American Dream. She's a Jamaican immigrant who came to America at 18 years old and became a citizen legally.

Carla is a veteran, having served in the Navy. She is a college professor, published book author, and registered nurse having earned a master’s degree in nursing with a concentration in education. Her college instruction focuses on mental health. She has served veterans working at the local VA, where she won Nurse of the Year in 2013. Formerly, she served as a College Advisory Curriculum Board member, and as a Board member with the Salvation Army in South Florida.

She resides in Broward County. She loves President Trump and is fully on board with his America first agenda.
* Mentions of the US Military or photographs do not imply endorsement by the Department of Defense or the US Navy.

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Become a volunteer

Whether you have an interest in politics is not as important as how politics will affect the life of you and your loved ones.  This is not the time to sit idle on the sideline... we need your help, get involved. 


Carla's War Against Covid-19

Serving as a nurse on the frontline of the pandemic

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Carla Spalding For Florida Congress Nurse Badge First Reponder
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Get In Touch

(754) 777-8318
1856 N Nob Hill Rd #296
 Plantation, Florida 33322




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